Me And My Son

4 decades ago, childhood memories

He was 2 years, old.

* When he had grown up enough to understand that he was farting,

He was surprised, a bit.

What was going on?

He uttered: mummy, ‘number two is whistling’.

* Like all enthusiastic parents, we wanted him to learn every thing faster.

He could rattle the numbers up to 200.

His lullaby for sleeping was: to speak alternatively with me, the natural numbers.

He would sleep, while doing this.

He learnt quickly from pictorial dictionary: names of animals and different variety of fish.

But he could not progress beyond ‘K’, in English alphabet.

Reason was pretty simple.

‘K’ reminded him of ‘cake’.

He used to stop there, and demanded cake.

Now he is 40 and I am 70

Now, he looks after me.

He was hurt, when he observes my worn-out clothes.

He bullied me, literally ragged me and confiscated the old garments to dispose off suitably.

I was hurt, but I liked it.

Now, he is a father, and he is doing, what I experienced 40 years ago.

He thinks – he is doing a better job.

His son, will have same views, later.

Every new generation assesses itself as smarter

Every new generation feels they are better or they can do better.

If it was true, humanity in present era would have been better off, than what it was a few millenniums ago.

But it is not so.

Our devilish traits are still clinging with us.

There is just a cosmetic change due to technological advances; that’s it!

We claim to be more civilised than our forefathers.

We continue to harbor: jealousy, hatred, violence, attachment, and intolerance.

Humanity lives on, in spite of all this.

A never ending phenomenon,

A wonderful creation of God.

A perfect design!

Action speaks louder than words

My spouse had an emergent health problem.

I informed my son, and rushed to hospital, as he advised me.

It was a pleasant surprise to see him, early in the morning, in the hospital.

He is staying ‘2-hours-flight’ away.

He was a big support, during his stay.

His words were a bit acidic,

But his deed was all honey.

Thank you, God!

I am relieved.

My sons would provide the much needed moral support, and logistic support to her, when I am not around.

God bless them, they are on right path.

God made mothers, because He couldn’t be everywhere.

I concur with, previous statement partly;

He is God, and can be everywhere.

Its an old quotation in honour of our mothers.

They are Godlike to all of us.

3 Tips to Make Your Back To School Routine Transition Smooth!

Fall is almost upon us and it is already time to go back to school and begin our steady routines. The days will become shorter, the nights cooler, and the colors more vibrant and majestic as the leaves turn into crimson and amber tones.

Though I am not in school anymore I have fond memories of working out my semesters, buying my books, and getting ready to take new classes. I think one of my favorite parts of going back to school each year was making my new routine that I would keep up to the holidays (my favorite part of the year:D). So I may not be going back to school, but as most of us I do have to tighten my schedule as summer comes to an end.

Today I have 3 tips that I still use when the seasons change to help keep my “back to school” routine transition smooth and even comforting.

1. Go through your closet

Don’t laugh, I actually do this. Since I grew up in the East Coast I was used to changing out my summer clothes for my fall and winter wardrobe making going through my closet a transition point to my seasons. Even if you are not used to doing this (if you are from warmer areas) going through your closet is a great way to start a new routine.

It allows you to get rid of clothes you do not wear anymore or ones that do not fit. It also helps you determine what you actually need when you do your back to school shopping and are buying new coats, hats, shoes, etc. It is always best to know what you have before you add more to your collection.

I am still working on my closet clean-out that I started about over a month ago. For me it is a little bit of a slower process but every time I put something in the giveaway bag or decide to keep a certain piece it helps me understand myself better and what I like right now and what I dislike. Our sense of style is always changing and evolving so make sure you check in with yourself now and then and think about what you actually like to wear. And there’s no better time to start learning your style preferences than going through your closet.

2. Make an exercise routine

Exercise becomes even more important when our schedules get busy. Regular exercise helps us focus, helps us sleep, and keeps us strong and healthy to name a few benefits. Kids are going back to school, our summer schedule is coming to an end, and it is the perfect time to solidify our exercise routines.

The reason we want to start thinking about our exercise routine now, before everything gets crazy busy, is once we get to September there won’t be any time or effort left to making sure we fit our exercise into our schedule. So start now and plan ahead.

A great way to determine where to put your exercise routine in your day is to write out your daily schedule and find pockets of time you could make available for 30 minutes – 1 hour for exercise. Now some of us might not have any “extra” time in our schedules but that’s why we are making this routine right now, so we can MAKE extra time. Even if you only have 15-20 minutes a day to devote to exercising, any exercise is better than none. So make the time, schedule it in.

3. Give yourself time in the morning

Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to get ready for your busy schedule can literally set the mood for your entire day. It will help you be less rushed when you get up and usually helps your body adjust to a healthy sleep pattern when you wake up early.

Now I must admit, I was not always the best at giving myself time. I can remember when I would wake up 15 minutes before I had to leave for work or school, I would rush out the door, feel hurried while driving all the way there, and wouldn’t start recovering from my adrenaline rush until the middle of a lecture or not until my lunch break.

I have gotten better at this though and now try to wake up between 6:15 – 6:30am every morning even if I have gone to bed late the night before. This has really helped give me more time in the mornings and get the things done that I WANT to fit into my schedule.

And not feeling rushed before you go to work or before you get your kids off to school makes a world of difference in your stress levels throughout the day. It can help give you a sense of calm that is hard to find other than when you are finally getting ready to go to bed at night. Getting up a little earlier also helps fit in that exercise routine we were talking about in tip #2, just in case you couldn’t find anywhere else in your day to do a workout.

These are my 3 tips to make your back to school routine transition smooth and happy. I hope these tips inspire you to create your perfect routine this fall and wear your most lovely clothes.

Happy almost fall!


What Do Butlers Really Do in 2016?

According to the International Guild of professional Butlers, the number of butlers in the world has been steadily increasing in the past 30 years. This is perhaps unsurprising when we consider that interest in the lives of household staff has been growing, as we can see with developments such as the tours offered at historic stately homes such as Blenheim Palace, where visitors learn about the daily routines of the people who work there.

As former butler who goes under the pseudonym “Stevens” tells The Guardian, the modern-day butler bears little resemblance to those of history, or the characters we see presented in period dramas. He says, “In that era, the butler had to embody the virtues demanded of the head of a household, as well as polishing silver, decanting the wine, and ensuring the rest of the staff were performing their duties, looking immaculate and following the protocols of their rank.” Now, says Alan Miller, a butler of 25 years, “the job of a butler is much more intense in terms of multitasking and smart technologies”.

What do butlers do today?
Stevens compares the role he occupies in the 21st century to being an actor in a multi-role play: “I wear a mask (metaphorically of course) which helps me navigate the line between obsequiousness and subservience, while catering for my master’s every whim and request, however strange (providing the pet dog with chilled Evian), ludicrous (filling a library with books chosen to match the room’s colour scheme) or impossible (24 hours to find tickets to the final of a world-famous sporting event).”

Today, many butlers prefer to go by the title of “household manager” or “estate manager”, in-fitting with the development of the recent rise in demand for private household staff who work in mansions and homes across the world.

The qualities of a good modern butler
Of course, any professional butler must be well versed in the appropriate etiquette for their client’s station, and conduct themselves with professionalism at all times. However, as Stevens points out, they must also adapt to their client’s culture.

Stevens explains that one of the most difficult aspects of his role lies in getting to know his ‘master’ well enough to predict how he will react to his plans and services. However, he stresses that loyalty and discretion are the most important quality a good butler can possess. A butler must be a trustworthy and subtle confidant as well as assisting clients with their daily lives.

However, the days of butlers acting as a servant figure are gone. Problem and conflict-solving skills are a must: “a good butler should offer a diplomatic solution to any awkward moment, and never be afraid of standing up to a terrifying boss”, Stevens says. As explain, “butlers handle all the unpredictable needs of the household, while housekeepers manage the predictable ones such as cleaning rooms.”

New job opportunities for butlers
These days, butlers are not exclusive to stately homes or estates. Many butlers and household managers now work in hotels and up-market establishments that serve a multitude of clients each day. Ike Podlesny, butler at The Lodge hotel in Georgia, tells that a butler working in a hotel may be responsible for running errands such as fetching a favoured brand of beer or a pair of cufflinks, getting suitcases or hanging celebratory decorations. However, wherever a butler works, the overriding message is that “as long as it’s not illegal or immoral, we’ll get it done.”

These days, individuals can find themselves working as butlers by following a variety of career paths, from attending elite training schools to progressing from jobs such as private chef work or nannying. Whether acting as a personal assistant to an individual or as a company concierge, every butler is required to be ahead of their client’s needs.

What does the modern butler look like?
Far from the ways of the past, where almost every butler was male and of an older age, the face of household management is not markedly more diverse. Today, women work in the field, as do younger people. According to Gary Williams of the British Butler Institute, “in general women who trained as butlers tend to go into “stewarding on super yachts or private jets” rather than running estates.

The world of private service is constantly evolving and becoming more diverse and welcoming. Lord Somerleyton recently hired butlers Matthew Hardy, who is also a concert pianist, and his partner, Peter Thompson, to work for his family, as The Telegraph reports. We may imagine the world of butlers as outdated, but the reality is far more forward-thinking: above all, butlers must be able to become a part of the family.